Tasha's Inspiration + Spring Has Sprung

We’re looking forward to springtime, both for the perfect weather and the lifted spirit that seems to accompany it. We have some sweet new products coming in, and we are working on an exciting collaboration with a fantastic artist new to Tucson, which we will be announcing soon! 

Additionally, we will be announcing our Mothers Day campaign shortly, which will benefit mothers and children, globally.

Stay tuned, and in the meantime enjoy the weather, the creative
ju ju happening out there and all of the fantastic events that are happening around T-town this month!


"Smell was our first sense. It is even possible that being able to smell was the stimulus that took a primitive fish and turned a small lump of olfactory tissue on its nerve cord into a brain. We think because we smelled." – Lyall Watson

I dream a lot, vividly, in color and in sound and so often scent. Quite a few of my creative ideas have come from dreams. 
Lately, I feel so aware of the power of scent and what an impact this particular sense has on my mood, my dreams, and my creative source.  

I was born into a ranch family, so I've always had the good fortune to have one or two horses in my life. The smells associated with horses, barns, and leather tack are both a comfort and an inspiration to me. Leather, dirt, alfalfa, warm wood, fly spray, and the distinct smell of a horse after a long ride are smells that I absolutely love. 

Riding on my grandparents' desert ranch, surrounded by our indigenous Arizona plants, along with some more-recently introduced ones; the desert fauna and flora are deeply embedded in my scent memories as well. Creosote, sage, citrus blossoms, alfalfa grass, eucalyptus, and mint are all a big part of my childhood memories. 

The first non-nature based scent I remember loving was the summery tropical smell of Bain de Soleil tanning oil, which my mom used (liberally, if I remember correctly). It conjured up the smells, sounds, and scents of the beach, vacation, summer, and escape for me as a little girl and it still does. I continue to love that smell and all of the dreamy, beachy memories it brings back to me.

The first perfume I ever purchased was Ce Soir Ou Jamais by Annick Goutal. Turkish rose and ambrette seed are heavy hitters in this extremely feminine scent. I rationed it, and wore it for myself alone. There is a sense of discovery in finding a scent or a piece of jewelry that one can identify with.

The smell of clean sheets off the line...there is nothing more creatively renewing than falling into freshly washed sheets after a long day's work.

The distinctly spring-y smell of orange blossoms, grapefruit, cilantro, basil, the crisp scent of a gin and tonic, and a walk in the desert after a rainstorm all seem to be nose-y reminders of impending warmer weather, longer days, and creative happenings for me.

All of these evocative scents for me represent my signature style both outwardly and creatively. Not perfect, but naturally compelling and comfortable, like something that's always been a part of you.

Start the week off right. Shop at MAST!

MAST is open from 11-6pm on Mondays! 
Monday hours will continue through May; that makes us available 7 days a week for your shopping pleasure! 

Siempre Post Hoop Earrings

A small and simple hand-formed square wire post hoop in sterling silver or brass on a sterling post. Handmade by Tasha Bundy.
Available in store (online soon).

Indiosa Pillows

Leather & indigo pillows with feather inserts, made by Sofie Albertsen.
Available in store.

Diamond Kite

Go fly a kite!
Now in stock, 2 lovely styles of kite, durable, lovely and so fun-ctional, designed in Brooklyn by Haptic Lab.

Sip whiskey, eat good food, and listen to music all while you support progressive education.

Speak Easy, Give Greatly is the first annual fundraiser for The Idea School taking place Friday, April 28th 7pm-9pm at Hamilton Distillers, makers of Whiskey Del Bac.

The event will include a silent auction to help initiate our Mark Wasko Scholarship Fund.

Mellow and Mark were both board members of The Idea School as well as co-conspirators. They were conspiring to have a party at the distillery (which Mark helped to build out) to introduce their mutual communities to the Idea School.

Sadly, Mark passed away suddenly last summer before they could actualize their event together with the rest of the board.

So it is that we raise this event in honor of and tribute to the late Mark Wasko: a man who was ever so generous and always—we mean always—smiling. 

To PURCHASE TICKETSBECOME A SPONSOR , DONATE or find out more visit the IDEA SCHOOL website: explorebuildlearn.org

April 22, 2017
Members' VIP Champagne Preview, 6–6:30pm
Gala, 6:30pm–midnight

Tucson's Museum of Contemporary Art celebrates 20 years of evolution building a home for contemporary art in all of its forms.  

The Gala, also known as one of the best reasons to dress up, includes a full course dinner by Janos Wilder, drinks, and a silent auction.

For more info: moca-tucson.org/gala/


OPENING RECEPTION Friday, April 7  | 6 Pm – 9 pm
Running April 4 - April 30

TINY TOWN GALLERY, 408 N. 4th Ave, Tucson AZ 85705. 

 Tiny Town Gallery has invited visual artist Lex Gjurasic to install an art experience that will Stamp Out Reality! The exhibition is comprised of Gjurasic’s playful Styrofoam conceptual cactus sculptures that were created for and installed at the inaugural year of the Dusk Music Fest in Tucson last year and her strange levitating Otherworldly cut-out panel paintings that were previously on display at Tucson International Airport.

Says Gjurasic, “Stamp Out Reality! was a Vietnam era protest slogan on a button worn by my friend’s father. This phrase resonates even more so now more than ever in this time of infotainment, truthiness and alternative facts…why not get lost in the imagination of the artist?”

Find more info about Lex's work at lexgjurasic.com