Meet Your Maker No. 02 + What's New for June

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Lesli Wood Peterson
Founder of La Curie

We are so pleased to raise our glasses and toast our dear friend, fellow maker, and straight up badass: Lesli Wood of La Curie Perfume. Lesli was recently honored as the winner of The Art and Olfaction Award in the Artisan Category. She is a fantastic perfumer, and has devoted herself to creating the unique and addictive scents that make up La Curie. We adore her and we are so glad that she was honored with this highly-coveted and respected award. Here's a little insight into what makes this local treasure tick:

Q: As you reflect, what has been the consistent theme in your life?
I’ll do it my way.  I’m not trying to be rebellious, I’m just quirky and have my own way of doing things.

Q: If you were not a perfumer what would you be?
If I wasn’t a ‘maker’ at all, I would be working at a museum or non-profit.

Q: What is the greatest advice you’ve ever gotten?
The greatest advice is whatever my mom says…and we talk a LOT.  

Q: What is the perfect Monday in your work world? 
I love Mondays!  A perfect Monday is sending out perfume orders from the weekend web sales and receiving packages of samples to sniff for future scents.
Q: What are your top three necessities?
Double espresso on ice with half & half, friends and family, and a great soundtrack for all of it.

Q: What have you been listening to while you work most recently? 
When I’m not listening to KXCI or Downtown Radio, I’ve been Pandora-ing a Donovan station. It’s nice and chill and familiar.

Photography by Tucson John. Tucson John is a photographer specializing in capturing the beauty and creative beauties of Tucson. 
Contact him at

Speaking of Tucson John, Lesli turned the camera on him to model one of our newest items! Check out what's new in the store for the month of June...

Boys will be boys. They will play ‘boy’ games.
Moms will be moms. They will say ‘mom’ things.
Somewhere in the middle, we meet.

When my son walked up and gave me this drawing as a gift, I completely melted.
He still plays boy games, but he’s reminded of the real power of guns and war by an un-relenting mom.
And now, this tee...

Graphic by Baltazar Lund, age 6

$2 will be donated to the SAACA Veterans Art Program from the sale of each shirt.
Printed in Tucson, AZ, in collaboration with Joel Leshefka & Krysta Jabczenski.

The super sweet father-daughter team that make up Little Lux are the perfect example of a real rad papa and a super girl boss team. 

When Riley was little, John began collecting vintage jewelry for her, thinking she might eventually want to wear it for dress up. This idea blossomed into a jewelry line for him, which Riley took an interest in. With her dad's help and encouragement, she started her own line called Little Lux, of which she is now Creative Director. The Tiger Lily Squash Blossom Wood Bead Necklace is one of Riley's creations, and we are so pleased to have it in MAST, for little ones—and adults too!

Let's get cooking! It was a reasonably gentle start to summer, but now we've reached blistering temperatures in the triple digits. Consider how difficult it must be for the homeless to endure these Tucson summers. We are big fans of finding ways to help the community out this summer (or anytime at all). Here are two organizations that we think are a great asset, as well as a few ways that you can get involved.

Workship is an incredible organization that gathers and teaches their volunteers to feed and give resources to Tucson's homeless every Sunday, and also works with some of Tucson's top chefs.

Primavera Cooks is another fun way to give back while learning under one of Tucson's many fantastic chefs. We love that these fine chefs value everyone in their community enough to give their time to such worthy causes!