Meet Your Maker No. 06 + Rad Spring Events!

Spring is almost upon us, and we are getting ready for the sweet season and forthcoming summer. This includes restocking existing staples, finding new pieces for the warmer weather and coming up with new designs in our all of our MAST made items.

Caleb Gutierrez
Artist, DJ, Action Maker

Have you met Caleb, our new shop-guy who is also a super rad artist, DJ, and action maker?  If not, you will find him helping out in the shop Mondays thru Wednesdays.  He has made time for MAST in his schedule and we are so glad to have him on the team! 

Caleb makes great art, DJs and has spearheaded an initiative to build a skate park under the underutilized underpass at Cushing St. at  I-10, which now has been green lit by both the City and ADOT.  He is now in the fundraising step of this great project and continues to find enthusiastic support. 

Additionally, you can pick up a few of Caleb's creations here at MAST, including the Iconic T- Town Tote, his DeGrazia Coloring Book, and various postcards featuring his work.

Connect to Caleb's artwork at and here. View Caleb's artwork in person at MOCA Tucson or Che's March 4th through May 31st, and in San Francisco at Mister Hydes Hair Salon through March.

Look for these upcoming shows:
Sat 4/29: I'll Be your Mirror, Andy Warhol's 8 Hour Empire at Exploded View Gallery
Sat 5/6: The Second Exploded View Altered Album Cover Show

Here's a little insight into what makes Caleb tick, creatively.

Q: What is 1 of the top 3 ethics that you abide by in your craft?
A: Being resourceful, Saving things to create something beautiful. Such as empty paint bottles, paper ,etc...

Q: As you reflect, what has been the consistent theme in your life?
A: Skateboarding! The life and Definitely love that I can create something amazing and I can say it's the style I got from "Skateboarding" in the way I create. 

Q: What continues to elude you?
A: Enough time to create! I have to create something daily. 

Q: What is the greatest advice you’ve ever gotten?
A: "Continue being an artist, you will always be able to do whatever you want."  Richard Soligny

It's true, I look back at things I have done and seen, it's been G R E A T so far.

Q: What is the very first creation you remember making?
A: Age 6, cutting up old family pictures and National Geographics and making collages. 
In 2008, making my first string art piece of a bicycle in Seattle which is still in the bike shop at Belltown Pullapart.

Q: Who or what is the single greatest influence in your life?
A: Both of my parents. They met at ages 16 and 18 in Mexico, and are still together. 

It makes me happy that they have accomplished so much and that they chose to live in Oracle, AZ, where I grew up and my parents still live.

I'm just a small-town boy. 

Photography by Tucson John

Tucson John is a champion of humans and a lover of all things Tucson, as can be witnessed in his captivating photographs. He is also a style icon, to be sure, and one of the most genuinely kind and creative minded spirits you would ever care to meet. His photos can be seen here:

Tucson Totes

Tucson totes are available in store!

Start the week off right. Shop at MAST!

Beginning Monday, March 4th, MAST will be open from 11-6. 

Monday hours will continue through May; that makes us available 7 days a week for your shopping pleasure! 

We just got this incredible essential oil in that we are all crazy about, it works magic on the dry desert skin that comes along with winter in Tucson and is a great addition to the KH skincare that we LOVE. 

This secret weapon (which is built for ladies and gents alike) is a blend of 12 all-natural essential oils that are ecologically ethical and certified organic. As if that wasn't amazing enough, STEO can be used as a facial cleanser, nourishing face oil, frizz and split-end tamer, body oil, aromatherapy bath treatment, and a soothing post-shave remedy. Additionally,  It smells incredible, thanks to notable oils like ylang ylang, lemon, grapefruit, and rosewood. We're pretty sure that you will be equally obsessed. 

Hand Hammered Sterling Silver Bangles

Hand Hammered Sterling Silver Bangles, with or without recycled diamonds. Perfect alone or for stacking, great for daily wear. Handmade in Tucson by Sofie Albertsen.

Sterling Silver Bangles are available in store!

Redux Crowned Crane Necklace

You've seen the African Crowned Crane Necklace in a previous newsletter, and now we updated and streamlined the design with a new, different pendant style leather tassel. Available in multiple colors and 2 lengths. Handmade in Tucson by Tasha Bundy.

Fit Fest 2017, benefiting the Reid Park Zoological Society
Saturday, March 4 | 5–8pm

This Saturday, you will find the T in MAST at FIT FEST 2017 at the Reid Park Zoo, where she will be teaching, along with a number of other fitness instructors. This is the 3rd year of this fantastic fundraiser,  and it is a really special way to spend an evening: under the stars, working out in the Zoo, and knowing that your support is actually helping to create a better Zoo for the animals and our community. All of the proceeds from this wild event go directly into improving and creating new habitats for our exotic friends. 

This fun event is open to the public, and all ages and fitness levels are welcome. 

For more info or to purchase tickets, click here.

Sunday, March 12th at 191 Toole

Our punk rock roots are showing...

X, a band that we LOVE and have loved for more than half of our lifetimes, will be playing at 191 Toole on Sunday, March 12th. After 40 years as a band, X remains a force that inspires and seriously rules.  

Check them out here.

For tickets, click here

Tucson Festival of Books
March 11–12 | 9:30am – 5:30pm

We are big proponents of reading more, and lovers of books and literature. We recommend a literary adventure at the Tucson Festival of Books, where you can run into your favorite authors, pick up books for the entire family, and be inspired by what a fantastic event this is! 

For more info, go here.

Tohono Chul Plant Sale
Friday, March 18 | 9 am – 5 pm
Saturday, March 19 | 10 am – 4 pm

Cacti, Succulents, Wildflowers... SWOON... 
Want to pick up a little treasure to inspire this spring?
The Tohono Chul Plant Sale does not disappoint, with over 1,200 native and arid-adapted species of cacti, succulents, shrubs, trees, and flowers at your fingertips.