Meet Your Maker No. 9

 Join us this Sunday, December 10th  12-3 PM to help us celebrate our 8th BIRTHDAY!  champy, lite bites will be offered, along with sweet sounds, thanks to our very own DJ Desert Deer. 




We've been adoring the amazing leather and textiles that Ava Goldberg the creative genius behind Animal Handmade  has been adorning the world with, and we are finally, so happily carrying just a few of her incredible pieces.  Here's a little look into the mind of this creative animal.

Q: What is 1 of the top 3 ethics that you abide by in your craft?

A: The best way to maintain passion in a creative career is to be unfaithful to your medium.

While I continue to learn about leather and know mastering any craft its a life-long practice, I firmly believe that loyalty to any material is a trap for the creative mind. If an idea is best rendered in silk, don't make it out of wood just because you're a woodworker. Dabbling in different mediums - film & photo, textiles, paper, wood - has been the key to keeping my work energized and interesting to myself (the hardest person on the planet to please).

Q: As you reflect, what has been the consistent theme in your life?

A: Toska, a Russian word generally meaning an ache of the soul. This ache has charged me forward ever since I was little. It is the reason I can't stop making things and trying to express the inexpressible.

Q: What continues to elude you?

A: A consistent day off.

Q: What is the greatest advice you’ve ever gotten?

A: Fail Harder

Q: What is the very first creation you remember making?

A: A paper goose with staple joints. See attached.


Q: Who or what is the single greatest influence in your life?

A: My parents. My mother has been creative for a living her entire life and has somehow maintained a pure joy for it. Year after year, season after season, through times of light and dark, her delight in making reminds me how nourishing it can be to bring an object into the world. Then you share that object with a friend or a stranger. Its an act of communion; a connection that builds invisible webs between beings. 
And my father, an immigrant's son, embodies the true American hustle. He's taught me that most boundaries and barriers are merely illusions.


Deep Diver Wallet in Black - In Store Now

Deep Diver Wallet in Black - In Store Now



Intaglio is a lost art  The Ode to Bohemia line is named for the amazing artists of the 1920's thru 1945 that handcrafted these intaglios, many of which were killed in the second world war.

The history is both intriguing and devastating. Working with these little pieces of art is both inspiring and an honor.

Handmade in Tucson by Sofie Albertsen. Available in store now.


Smith & Cult Nail Polish is the perfect little luxe stocking stuffer.  We are obsessed with the colors, and the quality of this line.  They are vegan, and 8 free, which makes them even more fantastic.
Available in store now.

If you have ever been into the shop, you may remember the scent that used to be our signature scent. It was a collaborative candle by  Imogene & Willie and apothocary line, Apothia.   We are happy to inform those addicts to this intoxicating scent, they are back in stock.  Though packaged differently, the smell remains, downright sublime.   Available in store now.



The holidays are here.. WHHHAAAAAA????? Let's roll through the end of this epically weird year in style, shall we? Sweet.

Amidst all of the holiday parties, shopping and madness, be sure to take some time to shop at the Mercado San Agustin Holiday Bazaar taking place December 15th thru 17th.  It's always such a great place to support local artisans and pick up holiday gifts in a wide variety of styles. 

This year, the Mercado is proud to host a mini pop up featuring some of the businesses that will be opening at the  Mercado Annex in early 2018.  Join us in welcoming Bloom MavenNow or Never and  Why I Love Where I Live  to the neighborhood, and get a little taste of the radness they'll be throwing down when they open in January.  Running from Dec 8th thru the 24th.

For more info on the MSA Holiday Bazaar, go here:

As always, thank you for supporting what we do!
Happiest of Holidays to your and yours from the MAST gals and our families!