Tasha's Inspiration + Spring Has Sprung

We’re looking forward to springtime, both for the perfect weather and the lifted spirit that seems to accompany it. We have some sweet new products coming in, and we are working on an exciting collaboration with a fantastic artist new to Tucson, which we will be announcing soon! 

Additionally, we will be announcing our Mothers Day campaign shortly, which will benefit mothers and children, globally.

Stay tuned, and in the meantime enjoy the weather, the creative
ju ju happening out there and all of the fantastic events that are happening around T-town this month!


"Smell was our first sense. It is even possible that being able to smell was the stimulus that took a primitive fish and turned a small lump of olfactory tissue on its nerve cord into a brain. We think because we smelled." – Lyall Watson

I dream a lot, vividly, in color and in sound and so often scent. Quite a few of my creative ideas have come from dreams. 
Lately, I feel so aware of the power of scent and what an impact this particular sense has on my mood, my dreams, and my creative source.  

I was born into a ranch family, so I've always had the good fortune to have one or two horses in my life. The smells associated with horses, barns, and leather tack are both a comfort and an inspiration to me. Leather, dirt, alfalfa, warm wood, fly spray, and the distinct smell of a horse after a long ride are smells that I absolutely love. 

Riding on my grandparents' desert ranch, surrounded by our indigenous Arizona plants, along with some more-recently introduced ones; the desert fauna and flora are deeply embedded in my scent memories as well. Creosote, sage, citrus blossoms, alfalfa grass, eucalyptus, and mint are all a big part of my childhood memories. 

The first non-nature based scent I remember loving was the summery tropical smell of Bain de Soleil tanning oil, which my mom used (liberally, if I remember correctly). It conjured up the smells, sounds, and scents of the beach, vacation, summer, and escape for me as a little girl and it still does. I continue to love that smell and all of the dreamy, beachy memories it brings back to me.

The first perfume I ever purchased was Ce Soir Ou Jamais by Annick Goutal. Turkish rose and ambrette seed are heavy hitters in this extremely feminine scent. I rationed it, and wore it for myself alone. There is a sense of discovery in finding a scent or a piece of jewelry that one can identify with.

The smell of clean sheets off the line...there is nothing more creatively renewing than falling into freshly washed sheets after a long day's work.

The distinctly spring-y smell of orange blossoms, grapefruit, cilantro, basil, the crisp scent of a gin and tonic, and a walk in the desert after a rainstorm all seem to be nose-y reminders of impending warmer weather, longer days, and creative happenings for me.

All of these evocative scents for me represent my signature style both outwardly and creatively. Not perfect, but naturally compelling and comfortable, like something that's always been a part of you.

Start the week off right. Shop at MAST!

MAST is open from 11-6pm on Mondays! 
Monday hours will continue through May; that makes us available 7 days a week for your shopping pleasure! 

Siempre Post Hoop Earrings

A small and simple hand-formed square wire post hoop in sterling silver or brass on a sterling post. Handmade by Tasha Bundy.
Available in store (online soon).

Indiosa Pillows

Leather & indigo pillows with feather inserts, made by Sofie Albertsen.
Available in store.

Diamond Kite

Go fly a kite!
Now in stock, 2 lovely styles of kite, durable, lovely and so fun-ctional, designed in Brooklyn by Haptic Lab.

Sip whiskey, eat good food, and listen to music all while you support progressive education.

Speak Easy, Give Greatly is the first annual fundraiser for The Idea School taking place Friday, April 28th 7pm-9pm at Hamilton Distillers, makers of Whiskey Del Bac.

The event will include a silent auction to help initiate our Mark Wasko Scholarship Fund.

Mellow and Mark were both board members of The Idea School as well as co-conspirators. They were conspiring to have a party at the distillery (which Mark helped to build out) to introduce their mutual communities to the Idea School.

Sadly, Mark passed away suddenly last summer before they could actualize their event together with the rest of the board.

So it is that we raise this event in honor of and tribute to the late Mark Wasko: a man who was ever so generous and always—we mean always—smiling. 

To PURCHASE TICKETSBECOME A SPONSOR , DONATE or find out more visit the IDEA SCHOOL website: explorebuildlearn.org

April 22, 2017
Members' VIP Champagne Preview, 6–6:30pm
Gala, 6:30pm–midnight

Tucson's Museum of Contemporary Art celebrates 20 years of evolution building a home for contemporary art in all of its forms.  

The Gala, also known as one of the best reasons to dress up, includes a full course dinner by Janos Wilder, drinks, and a silent auction.

For more info: moca-tucson.org/gala/


OPENING RECEPTION Friday, April 7  | 6 Pm – 9 pm
Running April 4 - April 30

TINY TOWN GALLERY, 408 N. 4th Ave, Tucson AZ 85705. 

 Tiny Town Gallery has invited visual artist Lex Gjurasic to install an art experience that will Stamp Out Reality! The exhibition is comprised of Gjurasic’s playful Styrofoam conceptual cactus sculptures that were created for and installed at the inaugural year of the Dusk Music Fest in Tucson last year and her strange levitating Otherworldly cut-out panel paintings that were previously on display at Tucson International Airport.

Says Gjurasic, “Stamp Out Reality! was a Vietnam era protest slogan on a button worn by my friend’s father. This phrase resonates even more so now more than ever in this time of infotainment, truthiness and alternative facts…why not get lost in the imagination of the artist?”

Find more info about Lex's work at lexgjurasic.com

Meet Your Maker No. 06 + Rad Spring Events!

Spring is almost upon us, and we are getting ready for the sweet season and forthcoming summer. This includes restocking existing staples, finding new pieces for the warmer weather and coming up with new designs in our all of our MAST made items.

Caleb Gutierrez
Artist, DJ, Action Maker

Have you met Caleb, our new shop-guy who is also a super rad artist, DJ, and action maker?  If not, you will find him helping out in the shop Mondays thru Wednesdays.  He has made time for MAST in his schedule and we are so glad to have him on the team! 

Caleb makes great art, DJs and has spearheaded an initiative to build a skate park under the underutilized underpass at Cushing St. at  I-10, which now has been green lit by both the City and ADOT.  He is now in the fundraising step of this great project and continues to find enthusiastic support. 

Additionally, you can pick up a few of Caleb's creations here at MAST, including the Iconic T- Town Tote, his DeGrazia Coloring Book, and various postcards featuring his work.

Connect to Caleb's artwork at desertdeerart.com and here. View Caleb's artwork in person at MOCA Tucson or Che's March 4th through May 31st, and in San Francisco at Mister Hydes Hair Salon through March.

Look for these upcoming shows:
Sat 4/29: I'll Be your Mirror, Andy Warhol's 8 Hour Empire at Exploded View Gallery
Sat 5/6: The Second Exploded View Altered Album Cover Show

Here's a little insight into what makes Caleb tick, creatively.

Q: What is 1 of the top 3 ethics that you abide by in your craft?
A: Being resourceful, Saving things to create something beautiful. Such as empty paint bottles, paper ,etc...

Q: As you reflect, what has been the consistent theme in your life?
A: Skateboarding! The life and culture.art.music.video. Definitely love that I can create something amazing and I can say it's the style I got from "Skateboarding" in the way I create. 

Q: What continues to elude you?
A: Enough time to create! I have to create something daily. 

Q: What is the greatest advice you’ve ever gotten?
A: "Continue being an artist, you will always be able to do whatever you want."  Richard Soligny

It's true, I look back at things I have done and seen, it's been G R E A T so far.

Q: What is the very first creation you remember making?
A: Age 6, cutting up old family pictures and National Geographics and making collages. 
In 2008, making my first string art piece of a bicycle in Seattle which is still in the bike shop at Belltown Pullapart.

Q: Who or what is the single greatest influence in your life?
A: Both of my parents. They met at ages 16 and 18 in Mexico, and are still together. 

It makes me happy that they have accomplished so much and that they chose to live in Oracle, AZ, where I grew up and my parents still live.

I'm just a small-town boy. 

Photography by Tucson John

Tucson John is a champion of humans and a lover of all things Tucson, as can be witnessed in his captivating photographs. He is also a style icon, to be sure, and one of the most genuinely kind and creative minded spirits you would ever care to meet. His photos can be seen here: https://www.instagram.com/tucsonjohn/

Tucson Totes

Tucson totes are available in store!

Start the week off right. Shop at MAST!

Beginning Monday, March 4th, MAST will be open from 11-6. 

Monday hours will continue through May; that makes us available 7 days a week for your shopping pleasure! 

We just got this incredible essential oil in that we are all crazy about, it works magic on the dry desert skin that comes along with winter in Tucson and is a great addition to the KH skincare that we LOVE. 

This secret weapon (which is built for ladies and gents alike) is a blend of 12 all-natural essential oils that are ecologically ethical and certified organic. As if that wasn't amazing enough, STEO can be used as a facial cleanser, nourishing face oil, frizz and split-end tamer, body oil, aromatherapy bath treatment, and a soothing post-shave remedy. Additionally,  It smells incredible, thanks to notable oils like ylang ylang, lemon, grapefruit, and rosewood. We're pretty sure that you will be equally obsessed. 

Hand Hammered Sterling Silver Bangles

Hand Hammered Sterling Silver Bangles, with or without recycled diamonds. Perfect alone or for stacking, great for daily wear. Handmade in Tucson by Sofie Albertsen.

Sterling Silver Bangles are available in store!

Redux Crowned Crane Necklace

You've seen the African Crowned Crane Necklace in a previous newsletter, and now we updated and streamlined the design with a new, different pendant style leather tassel. Available in multiple colors and 2 lengths. Handmade in Tucson by Tasha Bundy.

Fit Fest 2017, benefiting the Reid Park Zoological Society
Saturday, March 4 | 5–8pm

This Saturday, you will find the T in MAST at FIT FEST 2017 at the Reid Park Zoo, where she will be teaching, along with a number of other fitness instructors. This is the 3rd year of this fantastic fundraiser,  and it is a really special way to spend an evening: under the stars, working out in the Zoo, and knowing that your support is actually helping to create a better Zoo for the animals and our community. All of the proceeds from this wild event go directly into improving and creating new habitats for our exotic friends. 

This fun event is open to the public, and all ages and fitness levels are welcome. 

For more info or to purchase tickets, click here.

Sunday, March 12th at 191 Toole

Our punk rock roots are showing...

X, a band that we LOVE and have loved for more than half of our lifetimes, will be playing at 191 Toole on Sunday, March 12th. After 40 years as a band, X remains a force that inspires and seriously rules.  

Check them out here.

For tickets, click here

Tucson Festival of Books
March 11–12 | 9:30am – 5:30pm

We are big proponents of reading more, and lovers of books and literature. We recommend a literary adventure at the Tucson Festival of Books, where you can run into your favorite authors, pick up books for the entire family, and be inspired by what a fantastic event this is! 

For more info, go here.

Tohono Chul Plant Sale
Friday, March 18 | 9 am – 5 pm
Saturday, March 19 | 10 am – 4 pm

Cacti, Succulents, Wildflowers... SWOON... 
Want to pick up a little treasure to inspire this spring?
The Tohono Chul Plant Sale does not disappoint, with over 1,200 native and arid-adapted species of cacti, succulents, shrubs, trees, and flowers at your fingertips.

Happy New Year + Meet Your Maker No. 05


We wish you all a healthy, happy 2017. We are hoping that this year is better than the last. After all, it's the year of the Fire Rooster in Chinese Astrology, which is meant to be more fortuitous for most of us. Let us choose the light!

With a new administration, one which makes us more than a bit nervous, we want to encourage everyone to stay engaged in your community, stay aware, and be mindful. Listen to your neighbors, even if you don't fully embrace their ideas. Now, more than ever, we all need to listen more. 

"Diversity may be the hardest thing for a society to live with, and the most dangerous thing for a society to be to be without." - William Sloane Coffin Jr.

We are thankful for this New Year and the great opportunities it offers us, and we look forward to celebrating with you throughout the year!

You may have seen this month's Maker No. 5 quietly sitting around your local coffee shop (particularly Presta) observing the surroundings in sketches.

Danny Martin, originally from rural Alabama, now resides in Tucson, Arizona, where he has made his distinctive mark all over town: either on walls, in ads, or in classrooms where he teaches screen printing at Pima College.

As a working artist, Danny pays the bills with art shows, illustrations, and commissions.  

MAST is happy to carry Danny's current offerings: Cowgals & Dudes Coloring Book and Tucson Neon Coloring Book.  We're also looking forward to an impending new release centered around Route 66!

Here's a look at his artistic practice and inspirations:

Q: What do you want to stop. start. continue… doing?
A: I need to travel more...

Q: What is 1 of the top 3 ethics that you abide by in your craft?
A: Don't do work with/for people/businesses you don't like/respect. 

Q: What is the very first creation you remember making?
A: I remember making cut and paste drawings on colored construction paper....mainly of the mutants that would battle Voltron...this would have been when I was 5 or so...

Q: What are your top three necessities?
A: Books, art supplies, and free time.

Q: What have you been listening to while you work most recently?
A: Leonard Cohen, Kris Kristofferson, Karima Walker...I also throw on The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly soundtrack from time to time...

Q: Who or what is the single greatest influence in your life?
A: Growing up in a rural area...and maybe my parents' record collection..haha.

Photography by Tucson Street Portraits

You can see more work here: 
Tucson Street Portraits (@tucsonstreet)

Danny Martin's Cowgals and Dudes Coloring Book

Coloring books are available in store!

Thanks to everyone who came to our Lucky 7 Anniversary Party!

It was awildly fun night, and thanks to your support we raised $572.00, which we donated to the International Rescue Committee.

Go here to find out more about what this great organization does, both in our community and around the world.  

This month we are featuring a few things to help keep you and your little ones cozy during the chillier winter months.

Cozy up and enjoy!

Vintage Indian Kantha Quilts

These are one of our favorite staples, which we always have in stock, but we just got a new shipment in and there are some treasures! 

Handmade from colorful, vintage cotton saris, these are the yummiest, most lovely way to get cozy on a cool night. Perfect for Tucson in any season.

Kids Polish Sheepskin Slippers

We have these in limited sizes, and wish that we had them in our sizes too, but these will keep those little toes nice and warm, even on the chilliest noche.

Ellie Fun Day Baby Line

We are so thrilled to offer these useful and super lovely pieces, made with organic cotton. These simple, sweet baby hats, bibs, swaddles, burp cloths, and quilts are great for the little ones in your life.

This month we encourage you to get out & explore these exhibitions happening right here in Tucson!

Frida Kahlo Exhibition at the Tucson Botanical Gardens

"Tucson Botanical Gardens is honored to host the New York Botanical Garden’s blockbuster exhibit: Frida Kahlo: Art, Garden, Life. This exhibit examines Kahlo’s work, life and influence through the lens of the plants and nature that surrounded her.  Tucson Botanical Gardens was selected as the only institution to receive this extraordinary exhibition designed by one of the world’s premier botanical gardens, the New York Botanical Garden.

The centerpiece of Frida Kahlo: Art, Garden, Life is the recreation of the gardens that Frida Kahlo maintained in her home in Mexico City: La Casa Azul.  Great care was taken to present the plants, colors and forms that were such an important source of inspiration to Kahlo.  Included in the installation is the Meso-American-inspired pyramid that Diego Rivera built in the central courtyard of Casa Azul.  This replica is used to showcase a diverse collection of cacti and succulents native to the deserts of Mexico and the Southwestern United States." —Tucson Botanical Gardens

The exhibition runs through May 31, 2017, but why not explore the gardens during these 60-degree-and-sunny Tucson winter days?

Chris Lasch & Terrol Dew Johnson | Meeting the Clouds Halfway
Miranda Lichtenstein | Sound & Noise
JPW3 | Sleep Never Rusts

Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Tucson

The current exhibitions at MOCA Tucson end on January 29th, so make sure to check them out before then! Every last Sunday of the month is FREE at MOCA; join us on Sunday 1/29 for a day full of contemporary art. 

Photography by Maya Heilman-Hall for MOCA Tucson


We're taking a little holiday and MAST will be closed from Sunday, July 3rd to Wednesday, July 13th. We will re-open with our regular hours on Thursday, July 14th. This is a great time to shop at www.ilovemast.com or, if you have a shopping emergency, email us at info@ilovemast.com for a private appointment.

What's Inspiring Mellow This Month...

I do love clean and simple, and often live by its rule, but I think my spirits elevate when I do pieces with fun color combinations. Color can be so dynamic and evocative. 

A great example of this is found in the Tuareg tribes of the Sahara region. They are incredibly creative leather workers, and they’re a matriarchal society (it doesn’t hurt my appreciation. I'm just scratching the surface on that book).

Seeing a Tuareg bag in person is so inspiring, there is so much detail in every piece. They look and feel organic and manage to still have an elegance while being unrefined.

There are many nomadic tribes in this part of the world sharing colorful ornate decoration in their everyday lives. I've always loved this dramatic and colorful self-decoration.

The other side of the colorful tribal inspiration is the simple code of well-made, functional, and beautiful.

One who has been a steady inspiration to me in this way is Toyo Gilman from Dark Star Leather.  Toyo has been crafting leather by hand for 40 years here in Tucson. He makes more belts these days than bags, but those who know or own his work covet it. His “Classic Bags,” as he refers to them, are well-made, beautifully crafted, and timeless. He cuts all his intricate patterns by hand still, often accepting repair jobs of his own pieces from twenty years ago. Dark Star bags are maintained not replaced.

I recently visited him hoping to glean some wisdom of the process, like so many before me. What I confirmed is...it’s long. It’s laborious. It’s addictive. You know that you can expedite the process, but then you feel like you’re cheating. There’s something in the truth of handmade.

Below are a few recent additions...

This summer heat is keeping us all inside and working hard on new product, so throughout the summer we will all have new offerings from our design collectives. In the meantime, check out some of the super rad new items that we are obsessed with this month! 

Tuareg Tassel Keychains
Mellow found these incredible leather tassels, which are handmade by the Saharan Tuareg Tribe, and has been adding them to some of her clutches. She is now offering them as super special key-chains as well, but these are limited edition, so snap one up while they last!

We LOVE the Lovelane kids line, which turns your little one into a super duper super-hero with the clip of a beautifully hand-crafted cape, cuffs, and super cool soft helmet that would do even Batman proud.

We now have 3 Tucson-made coloring books in stock and ready for those lines to be filled in. Danny Martin's Tucson Neon, and two from Caleb Gutierrez: Color the King, ElvisPresley and the super sweet De Grazia Coloring Book. These make a great gift or offer a lovely way to pass some time with some guided creativity this summer.

Form meets function with the gorgeous new ceramic wear from Salt and Earth Ceramics. These are so special, mimicking the unique shape and color of mussels, and are available in a range of sizes for a variety of uses.

We are so thankful that these glorious monsoons are upon us a little earlier than normal, because the heat this summer seems even more brutal than usual. We do love the pace of Tucson in the summer, though. Despite the relentless heat we want to offer a few suggestions of fun ways to get out of the house without suffering heat stroke.  

Every Saturday until September 3rd, The Sonoran Desert Museum hosts Cool Summer Nights. The desert comes alive at night as nocturnal animals awake. Bats perform aerial acrobatics in pursuit of dinner, beavers splash around in their pond, and scorpions glow green under black light.

Another fantastic way to stay cool this summer, in every sense of the word, is to check out the Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson (MOCA Tucson) for Night Time Concerts throughout the summer months. Tucson has a fantastic music scene and MOCA lifts creativity up in so many ways, including by spotlighting local talent in its many platforms.

Stay cool, Tucson. MAST is always air conditioned, so although we will be on a short holiday from Sunday, July 3–Wednesday, July 13, come in for a visit and to cool off once we return from our lil ol' break.

Meet Your Maker No. 02 + What's New for June

We're taking a little holiday and MAST will be closed from Sunday, July 3rd to Wednesday, July 13th. We will re-open with our regular hours on Thursday, July 14th. This is a great time to shop at www.ilovemast.com or, if you have a shopping emergency, email us at info@ilovemast.com for a private appointment.

Lesli Wood Peterson
Founder of La Curie

We are so pleased to raise our glasses and toast our dear friend, fellow maker, and straight up badass: Lesli Wood of La Curie Perfume. Lesli was recently honored as the winner of The Art and Olfaction Award in the Artisan Category. She is a fantastic perfumer, and has devoted herself to creating the unique and addictive scents that make up La Curie. We adore her and we are so glad that she was honored with this highly-coveted and respected award. Here's a little insight into what makes this local treasure tick:

Q: As you reflect, what has been the consistent theme in your life?
I’ll do it my way.  I’m not trying to be rebellious, I’m just quirky and have my own way of doing things.

Q: If you were not a perfumer what would you be?
If I wasn’t a ‘maker’ at all, I would be working at a museum or non-profit.

Q: What is the greatest advice you’ve ever gotten?
The greatest advice is whatever my mom says…and we talk a LOT.  

Q: What is the perfect Monday in your work world? 
I love Mondays!  A perfect Monday is sending out perfume orders from the weekend web sales and receiving packages of samples to sniff for future scents.
Q: What are your top three necessities?
Double espresso on ice with half & half, friends and family, and a great soundtrack for all of it.

Q: What have you been listening to while you work most recently? 
When I’m not listening to KXCI or Downtown Radio, I’ve been Pandora-ing a Donovan station. It’s nice and chill and familiar.

Photography by Tucson John. Tucson John is a photographer specializing in capturing the beauty and creative beauties of Tucson. 
Contact him at tucsonjohn12@gmail.com.

Speaking of Tucson John, Lesli turned the camera on him to model one of our newest items! Check out what's new in the store for the month of June...

Boys will be boys. They will play ‘boy’ games.
Moms will be moms. They will say ‘mom’ things.
Somewhere in the middle, we meet.

When my son walked up and gave me this drawing as a gift, I completely melted.
He still plays boy games, but he’s reminded of the real power of guns and war by an un-relenting mom.
And now, this tee...

Graphic by Baltazar Lund, age 6

$2 will be donated to the SAACA Veterans Art Program from the sale of each shirt.
Printed in Tucson, AZ, in collaboration with Joel Leshefka & Krysta Jabczenski.

The super sweet father-daughter team that make up Little Lux are the perfect example of a real rad papa and a super girl boss team. 

When Riley was little, John began collecting vintage jewelry for her, thinking she might eventually want to wear it for dress up. This idea blossomed into a jewelry line for him, which Riley took an interest in. With her dad's help and encouragement, she started her own line called Little Lux, of which she is now Creative Director. The Tiger Lily Squash Blossom Wood Bead Necklace is one of Riley's creations, and we are so pleased to have it in MAST, for little ones—and adults too!

Let's get cooking! It was a reasonably gentle start to summer, but now we've reached blistering temperatures in the triple digits. Consider how difficult it must be for the homeless to endure these Tucson summers. We are big fans of finding ways to help the community out this summer (or anytime at all). Here are two organizations that we think are a great asset, as well as a few ways that you can get involved.

Workship is an incredible organization that gathers and teaches their volunteers to feed and give resources to Tucson's homeless every Sunday, and also works with some of Tucson's top chefs.

Primavera Cooks is another fun way to give back while learning under one of Tucson's many fantastic chefs. We love that these fine chefs value everyone in their community enough to give their time to such worthy causes!

Meet Your Maker & Giving Back

We are happy to introduce a new bi-monthly feature in our journal, Meet Your Maker. Here, you'll get the inside scoop on some of our favorite vendors and what rocks their worlds. We are also teaming up with some of Tucson's great photographers, who will be taking time to capture our vendors through their respective lenses; we will give you a little intro to each of them and their craft as well. Enjoy!

Kaelen Johnson
Founder of Pure Aesthetics Natural Skincare School & Kaelen Harwell Organic Skincare

Kaelen Johnson is a truly inspiring gal. She is an unstoppable business woman, and all around lovely lady. She somehow embodies both pure ambition with the sweetest humility and goodness. She recently launched her new, organically-harvested skincare line, Kaelen Harwell Natural Skincare, which we all use and love. We are honored to be carrying a selection of this fantastic line at MAST.

Q: As a child, what seemed the most out of reach to you? How does it seem today?
A: I think I have to say being in charge of something i.e. running my own businesses. I love being my own boss but I still have a hard time when my employees call me their "boss". Although it's ultimately me that makes a final decision, I value my employee's opinions and think it's important that they feel empowered too. 

Q: What is 1 of the top 3 ethics that you abide by in your craft?
A: In this day and age we're subjected to many toxins. I feel it's so important to use high-quality ingredients that are free of carcinogens. It blows me away that in the US personal care ingredients are not more regulated.

Q: As you reflect, what has been the consistent theme in your life?
A: Perseverance. I don't give up easily.

Q: What continues to elude you?
A: Organization. A business advisor once saw my desk and said, "oh I see you're a creative person."

Q: If you were not the founder of Pure Aesthetics Natural Skincare School and Kaelen Harwell Organic Skincare, what would you be?
A: A backup singer, if someone would hire me.

Q: What is the very first creation you remember making?
A: When I was a kid I used to like to make mud pies. I remember someone once told me that mud was good for your skin… I guess that inspired me to move from pies to masks. 

Q: What are your top three necessities?
A: Au Natural lip gloss. Vegan food from Tumerico. Strawberry Synergy Kombucha. 

Q: What have you been listening to while you work most recently?
A: Carla Morrison, Eleni Mandell, and David Bowie

Photography by Sloane Ehnat, Film Photographer & Make-Up Artist specializing in intimate portraiture, personal, and professional branding. Sloane is super excited about her newest project, exploring love and intimacy!


Since we are focusing on non-profits and the community this springtime, we thought we would show you a couple of our pieces that benefit Tucson non-profits that we are crazy about.

Our Perfect Cut Blouse, is just that...perfect...to wear with jeans or a skirt, to dress up or down. We know the value of a versatile and simple piece in our wardrobes. This is what the Perfect Cut Blouse inhabits, speaking to a wide variety of women. Made in limited edition runs of gorgeous silk, cotton, linen and rayon (and available in our brick & mortar store), the blouse is a collaboration between Mellow Dawn, her mother Debbie Barrett, and her aunt Marty McCrea. A motley crew, to be sure.

Sofie Albertsen’s My Heart Belongs In Tucson Compass Necklace is a piece that Sofie modified a year and a half ago when we were having an in-store raffle to support Youth on Their Own. Sofie took her solid sterling Heart Compass Necklace and engraved Tucson inside a banner, with an arrow piercing it. On the flip side sits a working vintage Japanese compass. Perfect to point you back to where your heart is...Tucson, obviously. 

We’re confident that both of these pieces are made even more alluring by the fact that all of post production profit benefits Tucson's Idea School, an independent K-8 school focused on student inquiry and social-emotional development. The Idea School develops critical thinkers, problem solvers, and productive, engaged citizens. A school promoting an education a child can love can’t be over-estimated. 

Tucson Gives! April is a time for renewal, clearing the way for the coming seasons, and creating growth within our community. With that in mind, we would like to illuminate a few of the many local non-profits that we love and what they offer to the community. The two that we are highlighting are having fundraising events during the month of April, so it seemed appropriate to make these non-profits our focus this month.

This Tuesday is Arizona Gives Day, so be sure to donate to your favorite causes! We happily donate to all of these groups, and are so proud that they are part of what makes Tucson so special. 

Firstly, MOCA Tucson, our local Museum of Contemporary Art. 

MOCA brings our local creative community together in a very special way. We LOVE them and their vision for Tucson.

Inside Scoop: Each of us has donated a very special, custom designed piece for their upcoming gala on April 16th.

*All photos courtesy of MOCA Tucson. 

Therapeutic Riding of Tucson (TROT) has had a huge impact on our community, offering equine therapy to Veterans and children with PTSD, TBI, and other devastating physical and emotional disabilities, along with many other people in need. 

Their annual fundraiser gala is April 9th at Loews Ventana Canyon. 

Please check out these great local non-profits, and/or do some research and find a charitable group that rocks your world. It feels so good to be a part of making things better.

XO from the MAST girls!